LOTUSCANDLE® - the blossoming candle

LOTUSCANDLE® - the blossoming candle

The lotuscandle has found friends all over the world - throughout Europe, the United States, in Russia and even in Japan.

Its has become popular for many reasons

Learn more about its character, the product range and how to care for your lotuscandle.

Furthermore, you will find hints for creative play.


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The Lotus candle - the blossoming candle - is a great home décor enhancement. An expression of love and romantic, it is an ideal personal gift as well as an advertising gift - not only at Christmas time. You may have seen the Lotuscandle before on a Christmas fair.
The manufacturer, Candela Präsente GmbH, should like to show you how to use the Lotuscandle as a decorative item to embellish your residence.